About MLK Construction Group

Thanks to its experience, accumulated knowledge and application of modern technologies, MLK Construction Group LLC offers the most favorable proposals for construction and design work. We guarantee the highest quality of work and materials, strict observance of construction rules, minimum start and end time of work to fulfill contractual obligations

Services provided by our company:

Exterior design services

Landscape design

Design and documentation

Development and preparation of project evaluation

Carrying out repair and construction works

Management of repair and construction work at all stages

Carrying out decorative works

Lighting of architectural objects

Design of facade architectural elements.

It is known that with the growing needs of the world, with the development of technology, people are looking for more modern, better and more beautiful homes, workplaces, shopping malls and so on. Therefore, we develop our work in this direction by creating a wide range of opportunities and favorable conditions for our customers.

To achieve all this, our company constantly masters and applies modern construction methods and international standards. As a result, MLK Construction Group LLC projects are distinguished by their originality in all parameters and meet modern requirements.

Thanks to professionals, we offer you modern and high-quality projects and makes it reality in a short with high quality. At the same time, the company closely follows all the innovations in the field of architecture and construction, and applies new emerging methods and technologies, both in the design and construction stages.